In only a short amount of time the artist Odee has made a name for himself as a widely known Icelandic contemporary artist, both at home and abroad. Describing himself, not mainly as a pop artist, but rather as a digital fusion artist working with popular media.

Digital fusion derives from the fusion of different types of art and media which he forms into expressive artwork that ooze independent personality.

Before starting his career as an artist Odee studied business administration with emphasis on marketing and management at the University of Iceland. He is currently living and working in Eskifjörður, a remote small town by the sea on the East-coast of Iceland, with his fiancé and two baby boys.

Odee’s first artworks were posted to Deviantart – the world’s largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts. In only a few days he had caused a lot of attention for using other people´s artwork to make his own, and sparked some controversy, resulting in hundreds of complaints to the administrators, causing the help desk to crash and Odee being permanently banned from the site.

Odee has since then been very outspoken in his fight for freedom of expression against copyright and fair use.

His artist career took off in May 2014 when he offered artwork for sale for the first time. He sold over 70 pieces in the first month, which catapulted his career. Odee was taken in by Gallerí Fold, Iceland’s leading auction house and fine arts dealership, and soon after that collaborated with the Icelandic Dance Company, creating artwork for the dance show Taugar (Nerves).

After selling artwork to Brian Muir, the famous sculptor of Darth Vader, Odee has accumulated a wide following of Star Wars fans.

Barely now meeting international supply, Odee is very selective about the projects he undertakes and rarely does commissioned work.


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