Ladies and gentlemen,  may I introduce you to Mr. Mike Hunt (the alter ego of Arni Vector)

The past

In the late 90’s Árni started the duo Vector alongside Jónas Thor (Ruxpin) from which he draws his Vector name from, him and Jónas  were also members of the minimal dub techno collective Den Nard Husher which released on the legendary Thule label.

In the past few years Árni has spent his spare time making music for Icelandic and Polish documentaries / short films and exploring the fields of ambient techno in it’s purest form.

Other notable collaborations is the project Árni2 (with his namesake from Futuregrapher) as well as being one of the resident DJ’s on the Weirdcore nights and a frequent guest on both the Robot Disco and Extreme Chill / X-Jazz events in Reykjavik and Berlin.

The Present

Under the name of Mike Hunt he combines the elements from his past in a live improvisation transforming the old into something new.




Documentary Team
Master Chef
Production Team



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