M-Band Biography

“A hypnotic sound, gleaned from various corners of contemporary electronica, with songs built from minimal clicking rhythms, washes and whispers of ambient sound, haunting melodies, swells and crescendos” – Ja Ja Ja Music

“[M-Band] glows with sincere illustrations of wistful desire – intense, conscious, and full of nurture… willing to take a listener in with open arms and float to a warm haven.” – no fear of pop

“An artist who strives to maintain human elements alongside his intricately woven electronic backdrops… Bjarnason’s distinctive vocals lend a tender edge to his work.” – Nordic Playlist

M-Band is the solo-project of the multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist Hörður Már Bjarnason. His music combines beat-driven nu-electronica with his heart wrench- ing tenor vocals, and has been described by many as atmospheric, captivating and dreamy. He works with a wide variety of influences, ranging from house and R’nB, to Arabian and Eastern-European world and folk music, but in the end his music is more than anything distinctively his own. His live setup consists of analog synthe- sizers, drum machines, samplers and loopers, enabling him to deliver a powerful and complex live rendition of his music.

Despite his young age, M-Band has had a prolific and diverse musical carreer. A classically trained pianist, he started his alternative music career playing with var- ious bands in his hometown, a rural village in the South of Iceland, but soon found his way to the capital city, where he joined Retrobot, (winners of the 2012 Ice- landic Battle of the Bands), and later, the electro-pop ensemble Nolo. Aside from performing as M-Band, he also collaborates with the electronic musician Tonik.

M-Band’s debut LP, Haust (trans: Autumn), is a collection of eight tracks that ex- ist in a twilit late-night space. Be it an empty freeway, a crowded dancefloor, or a rooftop out under the stars, Haust presents a series of engrossing and affecting nocturnal atmospheres.



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