Ingvar Bjorn is known for his influencial breaking new touch on popart and artform that he has explored with the world. Ingvar is the creator of “The Largest Artwork” (2012), which connected people all around the world via Facebook to take part in the most participated digital artwork abstract. The artwork participants were total 78.000 from 104 countries and the result were beautiful digital abstract artwork with colorful strokes and symbols. His statement with that modern Pollock-esque abstract piece was simple and beautiflul;

“I believe art has no bounderies and makes no distinction, therefore we can create art without being concerned about border, by disputes, political or cultural differences. By inviting people all over the world to contribute and leave their mark, themselves can become artists and hopefully a world record holders.” said Ingvar.

Later, Ingvar turned the symbols into new role, as a part of “Largest 3D PopArt” series (2013), where he surrounded them with iconic personalities, contributing to the power of peace and a better world. Ingvar premiered his feat of a 3D series by decorating buildings with huge artpieces in one of Reykjavik’s capital central, even giving guests the full 3D experience with retro 3D glasses while shopping.

The art community demanded more of  his “The Largest Artwork” expression to the physical world. Ingvar therefore executed the art performance, “United Transformation” (2014), with four naked human brushes while the ambient band VOK and most famous Icelandic rapper Blaz-Roca played their innovative tunes and bundled the music into Ingvar’s social media art. The human paintbrushes painted in between the symbols that were in “The Largest Artwork”. The results were priceless abstract artworks on canvas.

This is how the artist wants to experience his surroundings, how he sees the world today and what he wants to contribute towards a better world. The world is his platform, he wants to unite the world with art and his audience will always expect the unexpected.


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