INGVAR THORDARSON (production team)

Berlin-based entrepreneur  Ingvar Thordarson has produced features, documentaries and shorts that have won awards all over the world, including 20 critically and commercially successful features, Life in a Fishbowl, the winner of record 12 awards at the Icelandic Edda Film Price Awards and The Grump, Finland’s highest grossing film 2014. Within the industry, Mr. Thordarson is recognized for producing feature films and documentaries in the most inclement of arctic environments and his commitment to ground-breaking projects as well as fostering emerging talent. In addition, Ingvar has run a cinema, various businesses and companies, organized film festival and worked with a variety of global artists as well as managing events around the world. Currently he represents the photographer Gavin Evans whose exhibition “Bowie the Sessions” opened in Berlin 19 March prior to a world tour. Ingvar has in fact worked with David Bowie and a host of other internationally famous artists and in a variety of cultural and business environments.


Documentary Team
Master Chef
Production Team



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