The Icelandic pop artist Mr. Hjalti Parelius is well known by his fellow citizens for his prominent collage style.

Mr. Parelius has captured interest of many collectors worldwide and therefore his current waiting list for new works and commissions has gone up to 12 months.

His vigorous and efficient work ethics keeps him occupied from early morning untill late night every day of the week. Between work hours he loves being with his family, snowboarding, fishing, mountain climbing and other outdoor activities.

This young artist has proven to be skilled, intelligent professional and engaged with art and art history since childhood but continually evolving and learning. His art expression allows him to achieve an understanding of the great masters and blend their techniques with his own, pop art style.

“Paintings are a state of mind and to understand others you must either achieve similar state of mind or emulate it, resulting in a personal version in addition to a derivative piece of art “ says Mr. Parelius.

Mr. Parelius is enthusiast about leaving customers fulfilled and satisfied with their paintings. Therefore he only uses the best materials for all his works so that it will last for generations.


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